Our world – artistry in motion

The earth drapes itself in a rich, elegant and beautiful tapestry of colors, intricately woven together in gradient shades, tints and hues of colors – reds, blues, greens and yellows. It is nature’s very own fractal piece of art gifted to mankind! An eco graffiti. A spherical prism. A colorful world. A beautiful world.

Isn’t it hard to imagine a world devoid of colors… there would be no rainbows or butterflies, fields or flowers, paintings or kaleidoscopes?!

Here is a simple lil pome of mine in ode of the ‘literal’ and ‘metaphoric’ colors that surround us:

White, the essence of pure doves set free

Green, the earth paints its trees in cheerful glee

Purple, the richness of ripe grapes on vine

Yellow, the rhythm of fun and sunshine

Red, the ecstasy of a true love so deep

Blue, the heart when wistful tears one weep

Pink, the innocence in a young bride’s blush

Violet, the many shades of twilight so hush

Orange, the scream of the fire within

Brown, the pride of an Indian’s skin

Grey, the clouds with promises of rain

Black, the night when only stars remain…

Image: DeviantArt

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Just another writeher who revels in the magic of words and the simple things of life. I want to just be and discover the secret of the stars, catch floating clouds, feel raindrops fall, watch distant lights, learn to soar and touch your soul...


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