Hello, you can call me Dee! Welcome to my blog.

‘Inking out loud’ – It’s my way of life. It’s my way to be.

Rewind. Ever since I can remember, I have been meandering with words as I had a curious mind, a noisy mind that just wouldn’t shut (still doesn’t). Chatter chatter chatter.

I found that I could think through my thoughts and express myself better through the written medium of communication (and enjoyed it too). Yep, I absolutely adore my tete-a-tete with words. Makes me feel… ummm ‘content’!

This blog, is my very own space to be… in this big, wide blogosphere. My humble abode to my thoughts. My second home. My escapade.

“Writing is a way of talking without being interrupted.” ~Jules Renard, Journal, 10 April 1895

However, as much as I delight in writing, I absolutely love reading what others write. What others have to say. Be it classic literature, a random musing, a fictional story, a noble thought, a philosophical reflection, a teenager’s ramble, a poet’s dream or a little child’s scribble – each piece of art in all its imperfect glory is flawless. It’s a tiny peek into their infinite world that they dared to contour with finite words. Exquisite.

So, I look forward to be swept away into a magical world of words. By me. By you.